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Tetra pH/KH Minus (c.cap) 250ml


  • Stabilises pH values and avoids a drop in acidity
  • Optimally adjusted KH and pH values are important for natural aquarium water in order to meet the needs of different fish species
  • The water values should be regularly tested – e.g. with Tetra Test 6-in-1
  • 250ml for 1,000 L aquarium water (increases KH by approx. 1dH)
  • For all freshwater and seawater aquaria

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Decreases in a gradual and controlled the KH (carbonate hardness) until the optimal values, thus allowing a constant adjustment of pH.

Recreate the original characteristics of the water than tropical species that require little water rich in salts, for example, bringing the value of the carbonate hardness at 4° dH, and pH levels less than 7.5 pH and KH values are changed gradually so as not to damage the lives of fish and plants.

For continuous improvement of the conditions of the aquarium: a daily dose, even minimal, promotes plant growth through the release of carbon dioxide reduces the formation of algae and increasing the welfare of fish.

Particularly useful in the case of partial changes in water too hard and alkaline.

Safe application and easy to use exclusively in freshwater aquariums.


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