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BOW WOW Chicken Breast (Scallop Flavor) Cat Treats 3pcs


Bow Wow


  • This product is for pets, so please do not feed it to any other pet
  • Store away from exposure to moisture or direct sunlight for a long time, and store in a cool and shaded place after opening.
  • Occasionally, white ingredients or black spots may appear on the surface of the product.
  • For damaged products, please contact the place of purchase or the head office for exchange.

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Product Features

  1. A total of three flavors and nutrients are mixed: milk flavor rich in calcium and highly palatable, sweet potato flavor that helps healthy gut health with plenty of fiber, and blueberry flavor that helps healthy eye health with antioxidant function. .
  2. Vitamins and minerals that can help you live an active life have been added.
  3. Yucca extract, which can help reduce stool odor, has been added.
  4. Healthy and delicious cookies baked in the oven without deep frying.
  5. Made in bite size suitable for training and education.

Daily recommended amount

weight ~ 5 kg 5 to 10 kg 10 to 25 kg 25kg ~
salary 15pcs 15 to 30pcs 30~60pcs 60pcs~
Feed amount may vary depending on dog breed, body type, exercise level, and pregnancy status.
Name of raw material

Wheat flour, sugar, farm shortening, steamed sweet potato, blueberry concentrate, skim milk powder, corn starch, vanillin powder, baking powder, vitamin and mineral mixture, yucca extract, cochineal color, food color yellow No. 4, refined salt, mineral water

* The mixing ratio of the above raw materials may be changed depending on the circumstances of the factory.


Crude protein 8.0%
Crude fat 8.0%
Calcium 0.02%
Phosphorus 0.1%
Crude fiber 3.0%
Crude flour 2.0%
Water 12.0%


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